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platonic weddings should be a thing I want to get Best Friend married

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Ren:What if I end up overcome by all the hatred I keep receiving? I could even create one of those onis one day. 

Yoh:What? Of course not. You have us by your side now. And besides, there’s another way to kill a heart full of hatred. With love. Marco said so as well. Don’t worry, one day you too will find someone special with whom you will form a family, and then all that hatred will disappear.
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Hao: Why are you still obsessed with living on earth?

Yoh: Because there’s no future in this place. If we stay here we can say goodbye to a future in which we have a family and our own children. If we’re dead, no paradise is good enough.
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Animes summed up in one sentence.
one piece: sad back stories for everyone
kuroko no basket: gay basketball players
fairy tail: i have friends and you dont so fuck off
black butler: im one HELL of a butler, my lord
dangan ronpa: lol lets murder each other
blue exorcist: rin chill
attack on titan: eren no stop
karenval: hella gay secret government agents
date a live: kiss every girl even your sister
future diary: if you touch yuki you will die
kagerou project: eveyones dead
soul eater: ill take this person to beat the shit out of this person
death note: i want to kill everyone but im the good guy dude swear
code geass: giant game of dramatic chess with mechas
blast of tempest: everyone likes yoshino
k project: gay kings and gay subordinates
highschool of the dead: giant boobs and zombies
no game no life: blank dont lose bitch
free!: i want to swim with you! *GASPS DRAMATICALLY*
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